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 Audipack Silent Series Interpreter Booths Specifications

AUDIPACK has succeeded in developing a new and improved type of portable interpreter booth for simultaneous interpretation.

Audipack Silent Series Interpreters BoothThe highest ISO standards and requirements, indicated by users, have resulted in the AUDIPACK “SILENT Series” Interpreter booths. The Silent Series consists of three versions, the Silent 6300, the Silent 9300 and 9500. All versions are fully transportable.

The Silent 6000 series has the utmost performance in sound insulating, the Silent 9000 series are lighter and have fewer components.

SILENT Series features:
  • High Sound insulation
    Silent 9300 and 9500: better than ISO norm 4043 (last version)
    Silent 6300: better than ISO 4043 and, with double glass confirm DIN 56924
  • Freedom of configuration
  • Fully transportable
  • Offering the possibility to extend in any direction
  • User friendly and easy, swift to mount
  • Durable
  • Good looking
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for all types of conference systems
  • Offering plenty of space for 2 or 3 interpreters
In the developing process of this new booths, Audipack has paid full attention to a combination of requirements, including. flexibility, weight, good looking high quality materials, user friendliness and durability.

The scratch-resistant outside in combination with anodized aluminum frames gives an attractive and professional appearance.

Safety glass (6 mm) is used for the window-elements (Plexiglas windows are optional). Double safety glass is optional for the Silent 6300 (DIN 56924).

Even when the booth is frequently moved, it’s appearance will remain attractive. Maintenance of exterior and interior is easy.

The booths offer enough space for two (standard), three or four (extended version) interpreters.
Note: Audipack always offers clients the possibility to change the specifications of a ‘standard’ product to match individual needs.

Setting up

Audipack Silent Series Interpreters BoothThe booths of the “SILENT Series” are constructed with vertical panels. In the standard configuration, 1600 x 1600 x 2000 mm, the Silent 9300 consists of 8 standard panels of 800 x 2000 mm and 2 roof elements. The standard Silent 6000 consists of 8 wall panels, 2 roof elements and 2 floor elements. The Silent Series are easy and swift to mount. One person can do the job by using a hex key. The connection of one element with another is achieved by using special locks.

All elements/panels are interchangeable, thus there is no difficulty to adapt the construction to local conditions. Even the door can be placed in every side.

The roof elements are connected with each other in the same way as the wall elements, resulting in a safe and solid construction.

Unlike the Silent 9300 and 9500, the Silent 6000 series has floor elements. The vertical elements need to be mounted on these floor elements. Horizontal adjustment of the floor elements is possible to obtain a perfectly horizontal floor.

The Silent 6300 as well as the Silent 9300 and 9500 easily be extended to 1600 x 2400 mm by simply adding extra panels.

The Silent 9300 up to 3200 mm for 4 persons Silent 9300 with vent A

Ventilation is provided by choice out of two different systems. On top of the booth, two build-up ventilation channels are fixed, each with a very noiseless horizontal mounted fan. (System A, standard for the SILENT 6300 and optional for the SILENT 9300 and 9500)

There is also the possibility to order a separate ventilation system that is removable from the booth. This gives you the freedom to connect the booth to a separate air-conditioning system. (system B, optional). An air-inlet is situated in the door panel to provide fresh air.

Ample working space is created, covering the total width of the booth. The large working table provides plenty of space to install any type of equipment.

Cable in- and outlets are situated in the sidewalls (Silent 9300 and 9500) of the cabin and in the working table. The Silent 6300 has cable-outlets in a floor element.

The working table in the Silent 6300 has an extra shelf underneath for optimal use of the table surface. (Optional for Silent 9300 and 9500) Silent 9300/9500 cable input Locks with Hex key.


Audipack has different possibilities for transportation of the “Silent Series” interpreter booth.

Based on years of experience Audipack has designed a special flightcase for all types of the Silent Series, including space for the table, ventilation-system and lighting equipment. There is also a special flightcase for an extended Silent 9300 and 9500 (1600 x 2400 mm).

Besides the flightcases there are two different “Boothcars” for easy transportation.

Both products are suitable for temporary storage as well as for frequent transporting.

AUDIPACK also manufactures Audio booths, using our famous sound insulating systems: “Silent 3500” Ask for more information!

Silent 9500 with vent A
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