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  Simultaneous interpretation services

We know that there are as many different types of meetings as there are languages, so we design our services around your meeting's needs.

high-level meetingFor small meetings and breakout sessions, we have lightweight one-person booths and full-size, soundproof, walk-in booths that exceed specifications.

When appropriate, we can also provide simultaneous interpreting without a booth for trade shows, site visits, brief presentations, poster sessions and similar venues.

Because the quality of a simultaneous interpretation depends largely on the quality of the working  conditions and equipment provided to the interpreters, we only provide simultaneous interpreters when we also provide the equipment.   On the other hand, if you hire your own interpreters, we will be happy to provide whichever type of simultaneous interpretation equipment you feel is best, with or without a technician.

Our simultaneous interpreters are not only experts in their languages, but also in their fields of specialization.  They have specific, in-depth knowledge of the subject matter they interpret, in addition to a high level of expertise and extensive experience in simultaneous interpretation.

In addition, we can work with you during your meeting's planning stages to translate all written and audiovisual materials, such as handouts, manuals, videos, presentations, etc.

We can also record your meetings, both in the original languages and any languages that we interpret, and provide you with a sound recording, as well as a hardcopy and electronic transcript of the proceedings.


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