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The DM 6060 P is a fully digital, portable delegate unit perfectly suited for permanent meeting rooms or temporary discussion-style meetings with language interpretation.

The unit features a built-in loudspeaker and a fixed 15.8 in. (40 cm) gooseneck microphone with illuminated red ring to indicate microphone ON status and a channel selector with 3 letter language code.

Each unit enables a participant to speak, register a request-to-speak, listen to other speakers and listen to language channels (with an earpiece). The unit can either be controlled by the microphone button or remotely by the operator/conference chair. The gain/sensitivity of the microphone/loudspeaker can be remotely controlled by the operator. The microphone button is surrounded with an LED to indicate whether the unit is on (RED) or in the request-to-speak queue (GREEN). The loudspeaker is automatically switched off when the microphone is activated to prevent acoustic feedback. The units can be easily daisy chained with shielded FTP or STP Cat-5e cables (sold separately).

Excellent sound quality.
Cost-effective structured
Cat-5e cabling.
Built-in channel selectors with three (3) letter language indicator.
No pick-up of mechanical table noise thru proprietary double rubber band capsule suspension.
Headphone jacks for assistive listening or language interpretation.


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