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 Listen Technologies Simultaneous Interpretation Receiver LR-600 Specs
The FM speaker/receiver shall be capable of receiving on 57 wide and narrow band channels.

The speaker/receiver shall be have 10 watts output power and have a frequency response of 50Hz to 15KHz, +/- 3dB at 72MHz, or of 50Hz to 10kHz, +/- 3dB at 216MHz.

The signal to noise ratio shall be 80dB or greater. The device shall have an adjustable squelch and three-band equalizer.

The device will incorporate a backlit LCD Display that indicates channel and RF signal strength, as well as be used for channel selection programming.

The unit shall be programmable to display only used channels. It shall also incorporate an electronically lockable volume and channel controls.

Controls should be found on the top and rear of the unit. The device shall incorporate a power supply (120VAC, 60Hz, 43 Watts), with output DC 12V 2500 mA tip negative.

It will alternately use an internal battery pack using eight AA alkaline or NiMH Rechargeable batteries and include recharging components for said NiMH batteries.

The speaker should have a minimum SPL of 110dB (+/- 3dB). An included bracket will be able to be used as a handle for carrying, or be adjustable up to 360 degrees around the unit for mounting.

The Listen LR-600 is specified.

The LR-600 carries a 90-Day Performance Guarantee and the Listen Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  Specification 72MHz 216MHz
RF RF Frequency Range 72.025 - 75.950 MHz 216.025 - 216.975 MHz
Number of Channels 57 (17 wide, 40 narrow) 57 (19 wide, 38 narrow)
Sensitivity .6uV typical, 1 uV maximum for 12dB SINAD
Frequency Accuracy +/- .005% stability 0 to 50C
Antenna internal
Optional External Antenna Several antenna options available
External Antenna Connector BNC
Squelch Programmable in 20 steps. Mutes audio on loss of RF signal
Audio ** all system specifications are wireless end-to-end
System Frequency Response 50Hz -15KHz (+/-3dB) 63Hz -10KHz (+/-3dB)  
System Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR, A-weighted) SQ Enabled: 80dB
SQ Disabled: 60dB
SQ Enabled: 80dB
SQ Disabled: 50dB
System Distortion <2% total harmonic distortion (THD) at 80% deviation
Equalizer Three band, continuously adjustable via rear panel trim pots
Unbalanced Auxiliary Input Two phono connectors, unbalanced, -10dBu nominal input level, =11dBu maximum, impedance 100k Ohms
Internal/External Speaker Output 15/10 Watts (peak/RMS) continuous power with 4 Ohm load
Controls Set-up Controls, Back Panel Internal/External Antenna, Alkaline/NiMH Batteries, SQ Enabled/Disabled
User Controls, Top Panel Volume UP/DOWN, channel UP (electronically lockable)
User Controls, Back Panel Power/Charging, channel UP/DOWN, SEEK (channel, SEEK and volume are electronically lockable)
Programming Unit can be programmed so that only desired channels are displayed. Squelch can be adjusted for sensitivity. Channel and volume can be locked
Indicators LCD Display Backlit, indicates channel, RF signal strength, lock status and programming
Power Power Supply Type In-line power supply, Listen part number LA-201
Power Supply Input 120VAC, 60 Hz, 19 watts (maximum continuous)
Power Supply Output 15VAC, 1A
Power Supply Connector .02 in OD x .01 in ID (5.0mm x 2.5 mm), barrel type
Compliance UL Listed
Optional Battery Eight AA batteries, alkaline or nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
Optional Battery Charging Fully automatic, 14 hours
Battery Life (Listen Batteries) 12+ hours alkaline (LA-361), 8+ hours NiMH rechargeable (LA-362), mid volume, music programming (volume and audio type will effect battery life)
Physical Dimensions (with bracket/handle in up position 11.0 in x 9.0 in x 7.0 in WxDxH (27.9cm x 22.9cm x 17.8cm). Handle stands off unit 2.0 in (5.1cm)
Dimensions (without bracket/handle) 9.0 in x 7.0 in x 7.0 in WxDxH (22.9cm x 17.8cm x 17.8cm)
Unit Weight 6.2 lbs (2.8kg)
Unit Weight with LA-201 Power Supply 7.6 lbs (3.5kg)
Unit Weight with eight AA batteries 6.8 lbs (3.1kg)
Shipping Weight 10 lbs (2.8kg)
Environmental Temperature - Operational '-10° to +40° C (14° to 104° F)
Temperature - Storage '-20° to +50°C (-4° to 122° F)
Humidity 0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
LR-600 Block Diagram


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