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 Listen Technologies Simultaneous Interpretation Transmitter LT-700

The LT-700 Portable Transmitter will broadcast your interpreter or tour guide's voice to everyone in the audience, without having to carry a microphone or be plugged into the wall. 

It broadcasts over 57 channels (40 narrowband & 17 wideband channels on the 72 MHz frequency band, and 19 wideband, 38 narrowband channels on the 216 MHz frequency band).

LT 700 bExcellent for factory tours, outdoor events, wireless microphone applications, classroom or training, or personal use - anywhere you need to amplify sound but don't have (or want) an installed sound system!

This portable transmitter offers a unique Look & ListenTM Display; at-a-glance verification of channel selection and battery level. In addition, a red LED on top of the unit communicates ON/OFF status, low battery, and mute status. Portable transmission has never been easier for users!

Built-in SmartChargeTM - Charging circuits are conveniently built into Listen's portable transmitters, saving money and hassle by eliminating the cost of external battery chargers and extending rechargeable battery life. Simply plug in a wall transformer; batteries automatically recharge and won't overcharge. This also eliminates the hassle of removing the batteries or a charger at a specified time.

Long-Life Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries will operate a Listen Portable Transmitter for 8-16 hours. High capacity alkaline batteries will last 20 hours.

The LR-700 carries a 90-Day Performance Guarantee and the Listen Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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