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 Microphones for simultaneous interpretation
This page will help you select headphones and microphones for use by simultaneous interpreters.
  • For simultaneous interpretation headphones and earphones used by the audience, please click here.
  • For microphones for use with portable sound systems, please click here.
MIC 036
Noise Protector Headset Microphone, Directional, 3.5mm plug
MIC 044
Headset Microphone, Mini Microphone, 3.5mm microphone plug only
MIC 044 2P
Single Headset Microphone for IC-1, 3.5mm microphone and headset plugs
MIC 054
Directional Mini Lapel Clip Microphone, cardioid, 39” Cord
MIC 063
Omnidirectional Lapel Clip Microphone, Replaceable Cord, 39", 3.5mm plug
MIC 079

Dual Muff Headset Microphone, for IC-1, T17, cardioid, condenser

MIC 085

Collar Microphone, Directional, 39" Cord, 3.5mm plug

MIC 085 Manual. PDF

MIC 086
Headset Microphone, Directional, 39" Cord, 3.5mm plug
MIC 090
Mini Lapel Clip Microphone, 39" Cord
MIC 094
Noise Canceling, Headset Microphone. XLR Plug for T35, MOD 232 Only

TC-D2 Interpreter headset microphone  

  • Closed-ear stereo headset with mic & vol control
  • Connectors: 3.5mm stereo plugs
  • Impedance: 60y?15%
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Input power: 30-50mW
  • Sensitivity (1 kHz): -58?2dB
  • Microphone type: Omni-directional dynamic
  • Microphone sensitivity (1 kHz): -58?2dB
  • Cord length: 2 meters
  • LA-270
    Noise canceling microphone
    This is a high-performance directional microphone designed to eliminate ambient noise. It's great for use in factories and outdoors. The mic is secured over the speaker's ears and a wraparound band is positioned behind the head.
    Over-the-head microphone and earphone, directional
    This directional microphone is much like the LA-262, but has separate cabling for the attached earphone (portable receiver required). Often used for language interpretation and similar applications, in which the speaker needs to hear a different audio source. Microphone windscreen and headset cushion are replaceable, sold separately (LA-264) .
    High quality hand-held, directional microphone
    Hi-quality hand-held, directional microphone. This microphone includes a mute switch, wire stand , and case. This microphone is often used when the speaker fields questions, passing the microphone around, much like a talk-show host.

    Collar microphone
    This is a fully adjustable directional microphone that fits around the back of the neck under the collar of a shirt. An adjustable boom allows the user to tailor the microphone placement. It's excellent for extended wear.
    Conference microphone
    This microphone is omni-directional microphone that sits on a table top. It's designed for applications such as audio conferencing, voice amplification, meeting room monitoring and sound reinforcement. Stands 2 in tall and has a weighted base.
    Behind-the-Head Microphone
    This directional microphone is another popular microphone with Listen users. It secures over the speaker's ears and wraps around the back of the neck. It has great-audio quality, is comfortable to wear and is good for extended use.

    Omnidirectional ultralight microphone

    Secures over the user’s ear

    MIC 014
    Plug Mount Microphone, Omnidirectional
    MIC 084
    TV Microphone for WIR TX295, 3.5mm plug, 1m cord
    WND 002
    Windscreen for MIC 014, MIC 079
    WND 006
    Windscreen for MIC 090
    WND 007
    Windscreen for MIC 054
    WND 008
    Windscreen for MIC 044, MIC 044 2P
    WND 009
    Windscreen for MIC 086, MIC 094
    CLP 014
    Clip for MIC 014
    CLP 015
    Belt Clip for PPA R35, PPA R35-8, and R863 Receivers
    CLP 016
    Belt Clip for PKT D1 Amplifier
    CLP 057
    Clip for MIC 054
    CLP 090
    Clip for MIC 090


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