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TC-Z906 Infrared Transmitter

The microprocessor based TC-Z906 infrared transmitter is able to modulate and transmit 6 sound channels to different carrier frequencies.

It features built-in IR test diodes for audio monitoring and testing of receivers, built-in automatic level control (ALC) to ensure comfortable listening levels, independent channel level control, independent channel output level LED indicators, and independent channel audio output sockets for sound recording.

Test mode produces a different frequency tone for each input/channel. Up to five interpreter consoles can be connected to the transmitter in one single daisy chain. Infrared radiators can be linked up in two lines via two BNC sockets on the rear panel.

  • Modulation mode: FM
  • Frequency synthesis: digital PLL
  • Frequency band: 2.0 MHz - 6.0MHz
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-14kHz
  • Frequency stability: 10ppm
  • Pre-emphasis: 75 μSec.
  • Peak deviation - ±7.5kHzs
  • Distortion at 1 kHz: <0.5%
  • Channel separation: >70dB
  • RF output power level: 700mV
  • RF output impedance: 55-75 ohms
  • Input impedance: 18k ohms
  • Max. input power level: 7.5V
  • AGC range: 30dB
  • S/N ratio: >75dB
  • Power consumption: 40W
  • Powe requirement: 110/220VAC, 50-60Hz
  • 19" rack mountable case
  • Dimension: 430 × 99 × 325 mm (W × H × D)
  • Weight: 7.6 kg
1 POWER Power ON/OFF switch and indicator
2 CHANNEL LEVEL CONTROL Level control for each audio channel
3 CHANNEL LEVEL INDICATORS Output level LED indicators for each audio channel
4 AUDIO IN Unbalanced audio input RCA sockets (CH 0,1,2,3,4,5)
5 TEST ON/OFF switch for channel signal testing of receivers.
6 INERPERETER UNIT Female DB25 port to connect male port on interpreters unit’s rear panel.
7 AUDIO OUT Unbalanced audio output RCA sockets (CH 0,1,2,3,4,5)
8 SIGNAL OUT RF output BNC socket to connect the radiator
9 POWER INPUT AC power input socket (110V/220V)


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