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  PPA T-35 simultaneous interpretation transmitter

The PPA T35 transmitter features a sleek LED digital display, powerful microprocessor and easy-to-use push-button controls. 


Setting up the T35 is a snap, even for the novice audio user: Quickly choose between Voice, Music, or Hearing  Assistance in the Application Preset menu. The T35 configures itself to the appropriate setting – taking the guess work  out of complicated audio installation.


Operating up to 1000 feet, the T35 is ideal for auditoriums, theaters, or other large venues where excellent coverage area is essential.

Dimensions, Weight

8.45" (21.5 cm) W x 8.18" (20.8 cm) D x 1.72" (4.4 cm) H, 3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg)


Black with white legends

Rack Mount

One EIA rack space high, 1/2 space wide 1–2 units can be mounted in a single rack space with optional RPK 005 (single) or RPK 006 (double) Rack Mount Kits


Wall mount Class II transformer (TFP 016)


120VAC, 60Hz, 17W


24VAC, 500mA with 3-pin Molex® plug


UL, CSA listed

Temperature Range

Operating 0°C to 40°C (+32°F to +104°F)

Storage  -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to +158°F)



Operating Frequencies

72.1–75.9 MHz , 10 wideband channels (selectable)

7 non-standard wideband channels (selectable)

72.025 - 75.975 MHz, 77 narrowband channels (selectable).

Frequency Accuracy

±.005% stability, 0-50° C


Wideband ± 75 kHz maximum. Narrowband ± 5kHz maximum


Wideband 75 µsec. Narrowband 300 µsec

RF Field Strength

Does not exceed 8 mV/m at 3 m

Nominal Range

Up to 1000 ft. (304 m)  Maximum transmitter range is achieved using the ANT 005 coaxial antenna

Audio Proc. Functions

Reduced or Normal Compressor Gain Compression Slope Control High Pass and Low Pass Filter Frequency control

Frequency Response

22 – 16000 Hz, +1, -3 dB (adjustable)

Signal to Noise Ratio

74dB transmitted

Audio Level Control

Push-button audio level controls, adjustable to 0 to -50dB

Audio Level Indicators

10 LED array that reads +9 to -18 at 3dB intervals

Power On Indicator

Green LED indicates power on

Phones Output

Mono signal, 1/4" TRS stereo jack, 67mW, maximum in 50 ohms (adjustable 0 to -40dB)

Audio Input

Combination 3-pin XLR, 1/4" TRS jack

Line Output

RCA jack, -10dBV (.32VRMS) output, impedance 100 Ω

LCD Menu Controls

Applications Presets (Music, Voice, Hearing Assist) (Push-button selection) Bandwidth, Frequency, Audio Input Source (Microphone, Line, Simplex), High Pass Filter, Low Pass Filter, Compressor Slope, Compressor Gain, RF Output Power.

Input Levels (Bal or Unbal):  

Nominal (1st Amber LED)

Maximum (Input Overload LED)

Absolute Maximum Ratings*

Microphone Simplex-Mic:  

 -60dBV (1mVRMS) -20dBV (100mVRMS) +20dBV (10.0VRMS)


 -8dBV (400mVRMS) +16dBV (6.3VRMS) +20dBV (10.0VRMS)

Simplex Mode:  

 12 volts simplex power (DIN 45596) on the 3-pin XLR connector

RF “Off” Timer:  

 Turns off RF signal after 1 hour of no audio activity

Common Mode Rejection:  

 > 57dB @ 1kHz, Mic or Line

Total Harmonic Distortion:  

 < 0.25% @ -10dBV audio line output, 1kHz


 5 Year**

Bid Specifications

The PPA T35 transmitter shall be microprocessor controlled with push button configuration. It shall have an operating range of up to 1000 feet. It shall have 10 wideband and 7 non-standard wideband channels operating on 72.1–75.9 MHz. It shall have 77 narrowband channels operating on 72.025 – 75.975 MHz.

Front Panel:


The PPA T35 shall have a push button controlled LCD digital display. There shall be three pre-configured (selectable)


Application Presets: Hearing Assist, Music, and Voice. Configurations for Bandwidth, Frequency, Audio Input Source (Microphone, Line, Simplex), High Pass filter, Low Pass Filter, Compressor Slope, Compressor Gain, and RF Output Power shall be push button controlled.


The audio level shall be adjustable by push button control. There shall be a 10 LED array showing +9 to -18 at 3dB intervals.


The PPA T35 shall have a 1/4” phone jack with push button volume control. It shall have push button control for monitoring source audio or transmitted audio. It shall have an input overload indicator. It shall have a “on” indicator and power button.

Rear Panel:



The PPA T35 shall be powered by 24VAC power supply via a 3-pin Molex® connector.


It shall have a 75 ohm F-connector antenna. It shall have a “rubber duckie” antenna on the top panel directly connected to the circuit board.


The transmitter shall have an RCA line output jack. It shall have a combination 1/4” phone/XLR audio input jack.


It shall have an RF “Off” timer that turns off RF signal after 1 hour of no audio activity.

The PPA T35 shall have FCC approval and be powered by UL and CSA power supply.


It shall have a 5 year parts and labor warranty.


It shall be compatible with Williams Sound FM equipment operating on 72-76 MHz. The transmitter shall be a Williams Sound model number PPA T35.


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