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Bosch wireless conferencing system with optional simultaneous interpretation

System Components

Wireless Discussion Unit

Can function as delegate or chairman unit Separate battery pack, easy to change and charge Advanced power saving techniques Immune to electromagnetic interference Auto microphone-off Auto network search Auto switch-off when out of range

Wireless Dual Discussion Unit

Same functionality as wireless discussion unit Two separate headphone connections with individual volume control. Can be used by single or dual delegate.

Wireless Discussion Unit with Voting

Same functionality as wireless discussion unit Five voting buttons

Wireless Central Control Unit

Optical network interface for easy connection Single branch or redundant loop networks Control up to 150 wireless discussion units Additional control for up to 93 Bosch Interpreter Desks Serial ports for PC and camera control

Wireless Access Point

Compact and elegant. iF design award winner 2006. Easy to position where ever most convenient Mountable on ceiling, wall or fl oor stand. Secure, digitally protected, wireless communication. Typical range of 30 m (100 ft).

Control Software

Synoptic room overview for monitoring and controlling microphones. Voting control with individual results. Real-time voting results displayed in Microsoft PowerPoint®. On-screen help in multiple languages.

Removable Battery Pack

Long service life with no charge degradation. Typically 20 hours use from a full charge. Fully recharges in just 3 hours. Built-in microprocessor controls charging cycle. Lithium-ion technology.


Flight cases, Microphones, Rims and other Wireless accesories available.

Ultimate ease and flexibility

Designed to be the most fl exible discussion system available, the Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System offers the perfect solution for challenging locations such as multiuser venues and historical buildings.

Quick setup

For multi-use venues, the wireless system allows owners to service customers better, easily and more effectively. With minimal time required for set-up or break-down, multiple events can take place in sequence, meaning better and more effective use of space.

No impact on location

For historical locations, the benefi ts can be even more pronounced.

A discussion system can be installed, rearranged and operated with virtually no impact on the integrity of the historical location. One no longer has to worry about damaging antique materials or ruining the aesthetics of a grand hall. No cables have to be laid or holes drilled. The entire system has been designed to be beautiful and unobtrusive so that all participants can focus on the event at hand.

Easily adaptable

The DCN Wireless Discussion System has been intelligently designed to be as user friendly as possible, whether the user is a system operator, chairman or participant. Discussion units are comfortable and intuitive to use. The system is built with high-end finishing materials, giving it a timeless and discrete look. The design includes changeable rims (charcoal black, mat or glossy metal and silver), meaning that you can modify each discussion unit to better fi t with its environment.

Single access point

The award-winning Wireless Access Point (WAP) provides a consistently strong connection for a range of approximately 30 m (100 ft). The WAP can be positioned centrally for optimal coverage or easily moved to the most convenient location in the room. Feeling secure The system is protected against interference from mobile phones and other equipment making use of WiFi, Blue-Tooth or microwave signals.

No interruptions

Battery functionality has been designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. The system features high capacity and easily removable chargeable battery packs, as well as a dynamic overview of battery consumption. To conserve power consumption during longer breaks, each unit is capable of a patent- pending “sleep mode”. Conferences need never again be interrupted because of low battery power.

Simple, yet scalable

Never has a wireless discussion system been so easy to use, yet so powerful. For a simple set-up the system is almost ready to use right out of the box. But for more demanding situations, the range of functionality and additional options are impressive.

Congress Control Software, intuitive and user-friendly

The congress control software allows an operator a great degree of control over the system. Delegate names can be easily assigned to all wireless discussion units before a meeting. The operator has control over the microphones during the meeting; he can start or stop voting sessions and display and log the voting results. This futureproof digital and wireless discussion system accommodates everyone’s needs. During the conference, an operator can also monitor the battery status of every individual wireless discussion unit, and check whether or not all the units are receiving the signal properly. The software is optimized for touch screens and features a multi-lingual graphical user interface (GUI).

Absolutely safe

All signals within the DCN Wireless System are digitally protected against tapping or eavesdropping. The intelligent system even features automatic subscription blocking. Further subscriptions are prevented, even if the operator forgets to close the subscription process.



With superb sound and speech quality of up to 20 KHz, the DCN Wireless Discussion System allows participants to speak and listen with ease.


For interactive situations where polling and voting are important, discussion units with voting capability can be used in the DCN Wireless Discussion System.

Simultaneous Interpretation:

In a multilingual meeting, participants can follow the discussion via Bosch Integrus, the digital and wireless language distribution system.

Automatic camera control:

If desired, the DCN Wireless Discussion System can be set to automatically display an image of the current speaker.


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