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Simultaneous interpreter consoles for rent

IC–1 Analog Interpreter Control Center for rent

This self-contained audio control center lets interpreters listen to the program directly from the floor or another interpreter while simultaneously interpreting into a microphone.

Used as a stand-alone unit, the IC–1 is capable of handling dual language applications. Used in tandem, multiple IC-1s may be combined to economically handle up to four languages.  The IC-1 features a microphone mute, floor relay, key and norm controls.


TC-F906 Digital Interpreter Console for rent

The TC-F906 interpreter console is a digitally-controlled workstation for two interpreters to work in turn.  It is designed to be used with the digital discussion systems and digital infrared systems.

Interpreters may quickly switch between the floor language and the channel set. An automatic channel interlocking function prevents them from using the same output channel. The auto relay function enables them to work from an active channel other than the floor, and to provide relay interpretation in case they are unfamiliar with the floor language and unable to interpret it.

Pressing the COUGH CUT button enables a brief muting of the microphone. Automatic acoustic feedback prevention is ensured when the interpreters listen to their own interpretation.

  • Control panel for two interpreters
  • Single-cable daisy chain interconnection
  • Automatic channel interlocking
  • Automatic relay interpretation
  • Monitor switch for active channel selection
  • A, B outgoing channel selection
  • Channel selectors with LED indicators
  • Microphone on/off and volume control
  • COUGH CUT for muting microphone
  • Automatic acoustic feedback prevention
  • 3.5mm jacks for MIC, headphone & recorder
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-15kHz
  • Distortion at 1 kHz: <1%
  • Channel separation: >70Db
  • S/N ratio: >70 dB
  • Max. input power level: 7.5V
  • Input impedance: 2k ohms
  • Operating voltage: 24V
  • Power consumption: 19W
  • Dimension: 330 × 200 × 40 mm (W×D×H)
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

TC-F06 Digital Interpreter's Unit with Built-in Loudspeaker for Rent

TC-F06 interpreter console

•The TC-F06 interpreter console is a digitally-controlled workstation allowing two interpreters to work in turn.

#Handles simultaneous interpretation for up to 6 different languages.
#Gooseneck microphone and headset microphone can be used
#Built-in loudspeaker with volume level control
#LCD screen for specific information display
#3.5mm jacks on both sides for MIC input and headphone/recording output
#3 incoming languages can be preset, with pre-select A/B/C keys.
#Automatic channel interlocking prevents interpreters from using same outgoing channel
#Relay interpretation allows the interpreters to work from an active channel other than the floor
#MUTE key to enable a brief muting of the microphone for cough cut
#SLOW key to alert the current speaker to speak slowly
#Loudspeaker is automatically switched off when MIC is on or headset is used
#The floor signal goes to each output channel after the microphone is switched off
#Multiple interpreter consoles can be connected in a daisy-chain
#Designed to comply with all related international standards & requirements.
#Frequency response: 50-18kHz
#Distortion at 1 kHz: < 0.1%
#Channel separation: > 85 dB
#Signal-to-noise ratio: > 90 dB
#Max. input power level: 7.5V
#Operating voltage: 24V
#Power consumption: 2.5W
# 8Ω/2W built-in loudspeaker
# Operating temperature: 0?-50?
# Standard mic stem length: 425 mm
# 128x64 backlit LCD screen
# 3/5/10m cable with DB25 connectors
# 3.5mm jacks for mic, headphone, recorder
# ABS base: 247 X 145 X 95mm

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