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 How to rent interpretation equipment
When renting interpretation equipment, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind:


Interpreters booths:

A professional interpretation booth is one that complies with  ISO 4043 requirements.  There are many booths for rent that look great, but do little for the interpretation.  If you want acceptable sound insulation, ISO 4043 is the minimum standard.   There are also tabletop booths that provide a certain measure of sound baffling and can be used under conditions where a full-sized walk-in booth may not be practical.


Professional transmitters:

Rent only professional transmitters, as they are reliable and rent for about the same price as the smaller models.


Wireless transmitters:

Wireless transmitters  are recommended for escort interpretation, brief presentations, and trade show applications, as well as to use as tour guide systems.  We do not recommend their use for longer meeting or conventions.


Wireless receivers:

The type of receivers you rent will be determined by the transmitter and the number of languages.  Most FM systems provide for up to six target languages (6-channel receivers).   Click here for our receiver selection chart, to help you determine which type is best for your needs.


Interpreter control centers:

Make sure that any  interpreter control centers you rent are fully ISO 4043  compliant and have a built-in amplifier that provides the interpreters with individual volume controls, as well  as microphone mute button,  microphone switching, transmitter selection buttons, and (if needed) relay capabilities.



There are many types of professional microphones for simultaneous interpretation, including unidirectional, omnidirectional, lapel, hand-held and headset microphones, depending on the venue and application. 

Headphones and earphones

There are many types of headphones and microphones, depending on the venue, application, type of audience, etc.  Make sure that you have the right equipment for your needs. 





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