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Sorin body pack amplifier for small meeting rooms/tour guides: 5 watts / weighs only 9 oz

Sorin portable sound systemSorin Personal Voice Assistant with Handheld Microphone, Headworn Microphone, Auxiliary Input Cable, Belt Clip, Stand Clip, Belt/Shoulder Strap and Carry Case Pouch.

The Sorin helps those that suffer from a weak voice to be easily understood and heard by everyone in their daily lives. The voice assistant is also excellent for tour guides, teachers, trainers and spokespersons who need to project their voice to an individual or group. To use, the speaker talks into the provided head worn or handheld microphone.

Their voice is amplified through a small, lightweight speaker worn around the neck, or attached to a belt clip for hands-free operation. Adjustable volume control allows the speaker to project their voice with minimal effort. Additional line input allows user to amplify audio sources such as a CD, MP3 player, TV, etc. The Sorin can operate up to 30 hours at a time with rechargeable (lithium) batteries.

Gain: (HF Ave full on gain, 60 dB SPL in):

  • 15.0 dB with handheld microphone
  • 21.0 dB with headset microphone.

SPL output:

  • Handheld microphone: 110.9 dB SPL = 20.9 dB gain
  • Head worn microphone: 119.6 dB SPL = 29.6 dB gain

Sorin Spec Sheet (PDF)

Sorin Manual (PDF)

Sorin Brochure (PDF)

LR-600 wireless speaker/receiver for medium-sized meeting rooms: 10 watts /20 watts with companion speaker

Listen LR-600 Wireless Speaker Receiver80dB signal-to-noise ratio



  • All-in-one wireless receiver, 2-channel 10 Watt power amplifier (15 Watt Peak, 10 Watt RMS)
  • Place up to 3,000 feet away (at 216MHz) from the stationary transmitter and 150 feet away from a Listen portable transmitter to receive and amplify the transmission audio. Perfect for soundfield applications!
  • Battery Operated. Plug into any outlet or run it on batteries.
  • Easily Field Tunable: Select from 57 channels with the push of a button; compatible with most ALS systems.
  • Backlit LCD display allows you to verify channel selection, programming and RF signal strength. You can also check if the channel has been electronically locked to prevent changing.
  • Adjustable Squelch: Mutes audio when RF signal is not present.
  • Simple to Operate: Top and rear controls allow you to adjust volume or change channels as needed.

The back panel control of the LR-600

  • Programmable: Lock out unused channels.
  • Unlimited number of Receivers Per Transmitter: Use several speaker / receivers in the same area, or use them in conjunction with your assistive listening system.
  • Built in Antenna: The LR-600-216 (216MHz) has a range of 100-150' (30.48-45.72m)


Beacon for groups of up to 5,000 - indoor/outdoor - 300 watts AC / 60 watts DC

    This powerful sound system is portable, easy to transport, and easy to set up. Everything is built into one compact enclosure including battery, storage bag, collapsible handle and rolling wheels.

    Entire system can be set up in seconds.

    Can handle crowds of 5,000 (110 dB at 1 meter) in AC mode. True AC/DC - can be plugged into any 110/220V outlet or operated from the built-in, rechargeable 12V battery. 300W of power in AC mode, 60W in DC mode.

    It includes 8 built-in speakers and 2 woofers, 2 microphone input jacks for wired microphones, and 2 16-channel receivers for wireless microphones.

    Use it with handheld wireless microphones, lapel wireless microphones, or wired tabletop microphones.


  • No Tripod Stands Needed for Full Sound Distribution
  • Durable Case w/ Wheels & Retractable Handle
  • “Voice Over” Music Ducking
  • Single or Dual Wireless w/ 16 User Selectable Channels
  • True AC/DC – 110/220 Power Supply or run it from the built-in battery pack.
  • Eight 4” Speakers & Two 8” Woofers
Beacon Data Sheet (PDF format)


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