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T800 Base Station Transmitter on 863 MHz Range, 3 European Frequencies

t800 transmitterThe T800 FM transmitter will broadcast a speaker´s voice, music program, or audio service wirelessly up to 122m (400ft) to a listening audience.

Quick and easy setup: The installer simply connects a microphone with a XLR or 1/4” plug into the unit to broadcast their voice. Alternatively, the unit can connect to a sound system through a line-level (RCA) jack to broadcast music or other audio service.

The T800 features three channels on 863.250, 863.750 or 864.750 MHz. For simultaneous interpretation, up to three T800 transmitters may be installed in a single facility for broadcasting three languages with minimal crosstalk or interference. Audience participants use the three-channel R863 FM receiver (optional) to pick up the broadcast for language interpretation or hearing assistance applications.

  • Sleek backlit LED display
  • Three channel selectable: 863.250/863.750/864.750 MHz
  • Preconfigured for use with R863 3-channel receivers
  • Push button menu controls
  • Flexible XLR and 1/4” combo jack; line-level (RCA) input
  • Headphone monitoring jack
  • Meets DDA requirements for hearing assistance
  • 3 year warranty (30 days on accessories)

NOTE: The operating frequency on the T800 system is designed for European markets. The system can not be used in all countries. Check with your government´s radio regulations for 863 MHz operation.

Use with:

R863N FM 3-Channel Selectable Receiver with Belt Clip

R863 receiverThe R863N is a portable, body-pack style FM receiver with user-selectable operating frequencies of 863.25 MHz, 863.75 MHz, or 864.75 MHz. The R863N receiver operates over a range of up to 122m (400ft) when used with the Williams Sound T800 tabletop transmitter and up to 30 meters (98 feet) when used with the Williams Sound T863 wireless transmitter.

The receiver is showcased in a black, ergonomic, impact-resistant case, and is belt-clip equipped for hands-free operation. Controls include an adjustable volume control, integrated on/off/channel switch, and power ON indicator LED. Drop-in charging points allow up to 12 receivers to be charged at once in the optional CHG 3512 multi-charger.

The R863N receiver will operate on two AA batteries for up to 40 hours, or 30 hours per charge when used with Williams Sound rechargeable batteries. The R863N can be equipped with a headphone, earphone, or neckloop.

NOTE: The operating frequency on the R863 receiver is optimized for European markets. The receiver can not be used in all countries. Check with your government´s radio regulations for 173-174 MHz operation.

CHG 3512 - 3V, 12 Unit Charger for R35 and R35-8 Receivers.

Charges over the course of a four hour time span. Helps keep your receivers organized and saves cost on having to replace alkaline batteries. Features individual charging LED indicators. LEDs blink when batteries are fully charged.



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