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 Mounting Kits for Transmitters, Emitters
Listen offers two mounting options for the LT-800 Stationary Transmitter and the LR-100 Stationary Receiver / Power Amplifier, as well as antenna options, for your mounting convenience.
  Model  Description
LA-326 Rack Mounting Kit *
LA-327 "L" Bracket Mounting Kit
LA-125 Antenna Kit for LA-326 Rack Mount (72MHz) *
LA-126 Antenna Kit for LA-326 Rack Mount (216MHz) *

* Please note: The LA-326 replaces the LA-309 Single Rack Mount Kit and LA-310 Dual Rack Mount Kit. The LA-118 and LA-119 Antenna Rack Mount Kits have been discontinued and replaced by combining the LA-326 Rack Mount Kit with a LA-125 Antenna Kit for the LA-326 (for 72MHz) or the LA-126 Antenna Kit for the LA-326 (for 216MHz).

LBB 3414/00 Wall Mounting Bracket
• Bracket for wall mounting the LBB 3411/00 and LBB 3412/00 high-power infrared radiators
Floor Stand Kits

Floor Stand Kit, WIR TX925, WIR TX900

Tripod Stand and Bracket, Cables



Microphone Stand Kit

TX8 or TX10, Microphone Stand and Bracket


Floor Stand Kit, TX900/925

Tripod Stand and Bracket, 4 Emitters

Wall Mounting Kits
BKT 014

Mounting Bracket for SS-6 Floor Stand Kit for: 

TX925 (Modulator + Emitter)


BKT 024

Omnidirectional wall or ceiling mount for


Rack Panel Mounting Kits
RPK 004

Rack Mount Kit for one to four T17 Transmitters


RPK 005

Single Rack Mount Kit for Half-Rack Space Products


RPK 006

Dual Rack Mount Kit for Half-Rack Space Products
Williams Sound Mounting Kits


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