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 Listen Technologies Simultaneous Interpretation Receiver LR-100
Listen's LR-100 Stationary Receiver / Power Amplifier is a stationary auditory assistance receiver with a built-in power amplifier, available in 72MHz or 216MHz.

When used with a Listen transmitter, the LR-100 can deliver high quality audio for use in a variety of locations and applications -- most commonly soundfields.

The built-in 15 watt power amplifier (15 peak, 10 RMS) can be used to either amplify the receiver audio, or it can be used independently. The LR-100 also has Listen's standard 57 channels, 100% digital tuning, and can be rack mounted.

Comes with a rear mounted, 90 Degree Helical Antenna (LA-123 or LA-124).

The LR-100 carries a 90-Day Performance Guarantee and the Listen Limited Lifetime Warranty.

LR-100 with the security cover removed to reveal the receiver, auxiliary input, and squelch level adjustments and SQ switch.
LR-100 Data Sheet (PDF format, 191 kb)
LR-100 User Manual (PDF format, 1.0 mb)
Use With
LT-800 Stationary Transmitter
LT-700 Portable Transmitter
LR-100 Accessories

LA-316 Expansion Speaker
Remote Antennas
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