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Simultaneous Interpretation and Hearing Assistance Equipment Manuals

Williams Sound FM Listening Systems

PFM 100 & 200 Systems (PFM T16-72E6 Transmitter, PFM R16-72E6 Receiver)

PFM R16M Receiver

PFM SYS A and B (PFM T16 Transmitter, PFM R16 Receiver Manual

PFM T30 Transmitter Manual

PFM T31 Transmitter

PPA/FM Broadcasting System (T4 and T4P Transmitter)

PPA 250 System (T4 Transmitter, R7 and R7-4 Receiver)

PPA 300 System (T20 Transmitter, R7 and R7-4 Receiver)

PPA 400 System (T17 Transmitter, R19/*, R19-4A, or R19-6 Receiver)

PPA 500 System (T20 Transmitter, R19/*, R19-4A, or R19-6 Receiver)

PPA R19-6 Receiver Manual

PPA R30 Receiver Manual

PPA R7 Receiver Manual

PPA R7-4NA Receiver Manual

PPA R751 Receiver Manual

PPA VPE (T17, T17-6, R7, R7-4, R7-6) Manual

R700 Receiver

R750 Receiver

R801 Receiver

SoundFocus FM, Models CFM 300 & 400 (T31 Transmitter,
R800 Receiver and SPK 800 Speaker)

SoundFocus FM, Models CFM 801, 802, 803, and 804
(T31 Transmitter, R802 Receiver and SPK 016 Speaker)

T18 Transmitter

T21 Transmitter

TGS 200 Tour Guide System

TGS 300 Tour Guide System


Williams Sound Infrared Listening Systems

RX 295 Receiver Manual

TX 295 Transmitter Manual

WIR 100 Listening System (TX4 Transmitter, RX4 Receiver)

WIR 125 Listening System (TX295 Transmitter, RX3 Receiver)

WIR 135 Listening System (TX95 Transmitter, RX8 Receiver)

WIR 150 Listening System (TX5 Transmitter, RX1 Receiver)

WIR 175 Listening System (TX95 Transmitter, RX4 Receiver)

WIR 950 Listening System (TX95 Transmitter, RX95 Receiver)

WIR 952 Listening System Manual

WIR RX3 Receiver Manual

WIR RX14 Receiver Manual

WIR TX6 Transmitter (MOD 112 Modulator, RX5 & RX6 Receiver)

WIR TX7 Transmitter

WIR TX8 Transmitter Manual

WIR TX10 Transmitter Manual

WIR TX300 System (TX3 Transmitter, MOD 1 Modulator,
RX1, RX3, and RX4 Receiver)

WIR TX800 System (TX8 Transmitter, MOD 112 Modulator,
RX5 & RX6 Receiver)

WIR TX850 System (TX8 Transmitter, MOD 111 Modulator,
RX7 & RX8 Receiver)

Williams Sound Amplified Telephones

TEL 001 Telelink Manual

TEL 004 Telephone

TEL 033 Telemax

Williams Sound Wireless Microphone Systems

Liberator - Wireless Microphone System

WMS T25-X Wireless Microphone Transmitter

Williams Sound Intercom Systems

HH1000 - Hearing Helper Intercom System

Williams Sound Personal Amplifiers

Pocketalker II Amplifier (Model PKT B1)

Power Loop Amplifier (Model PWL LA15)

Speechmaker (Model PKT SYS G)

Williams Sound Speakers

SPK 850 Speaker

Williams Sound Chargers

CHG 2100


Listen Technologies Manuals
CM 6070 P DCS

DC 6990 P DCS

DM 6010 P DCS

DM 6060 F DCS

DM 6070 P DCS

DM 6510 F DCS

DM 6560 F DCS

FC 4010 F

FC 4011 F

FD 6012 F

IS 6132 P


Listen Antennas Data Sheet

Listen FM_Cases_data_sheet

Listen User Manual


Listen Microphones User's Manual

Listen Receivers User's Manual

LR-100 Data Sheet

LR-100 User Manual

LR-300 Data Sheet

LR-400 Data Sheet

LR-500 Data Sheet

LR-600 Data Sheet

LT-700 Data Sheet

LT-700 User's Manual

LT-800 Data Sheet

LT-800 User's Manual


Bosch Simultaneous Interpretation and Discussion Systems Manuals


DCN Conference Systems Installation & User Instructions
DCN Next Generation Commercial Brochure
DCN Data Brochure
DCN Next Generation Data Brochure
DCN Conference Systems Applications
DCN A&E Specifications
DCN AIO Module
DCN Brochure


DCN Wireless Conference System Installation & User Instructions
DCN Wireless Conference System Commercial Brochure
DCN Wireless Conference System Data Brochure
DCN Wireless Conference System Applications


CCS800 Installation & Operations Manual
CCS800 Commercial Brochure
CCS800 Data Brochure
CCS800 Extended
CCS800 Ultro


Integrus Installation & User Instructions
Integrus Commercial Brochure
Integrus Data Brochure
Integrus A&E Specifications

Multi-Caisses Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

Multi-Caisses Whisper Cube Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

Multi-Caisses Protocole Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

Multi-Caisses Diplomate Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

Multi-Caisses Porta-Pack Tabletop Interpretation Booths

Audipack Simultaneous Interpretation Booths

Audipack Silent Series Brochure

Anchor Audio  Portable Sound & Microphone Systems

Anchor Audio Brochure (PDF)
 Complete product brochure
Anchor Product Sheet (PDF)
 A quick guide to Anchor audio products
Anchor Audio Price List (PDF)
 Anchor's Manufacturer's Suggested Prices (please call for our discounted prices)
Anchor Audio Frequencies Chart (PDF)
Chart of frequencies
Anchor Audio Portable Sound Systems
Xtreme - for groups of up to 5,000:   Technical Specifications   User Manual
Liberty - for groups of up to 2,000:   Technical Specifications   User Manual
Explorer Pro - for groups of up to 800:   Technical Specifications   User Manual
AN-1000X - for groups of up to 400:   Technical Specifications   User Manual
AN-130 - for groups of up to 100:   Technical Specifications   User Manual
Anchor Audio Handheld Sound Systems
MegaVox Pro - for groups of up to 3,000:   Technical Specifications   User Manual
MiniVox - for groups of up to 150:   Technical Specifications   User Manual
Little Big Horn - for groups of up to 50:   Technical Specifications   User Manual
Anchor Audio 64-Channel UHF Wireless Microphones (Handheld & Lavalier)

6400 Wireless Microphone:  

Technical Specifications  

User Manual

Anchor Audio VHF Wireless Microphone (Handheld & Lavalier)

VHF Wireless Microphone

Technical Specifications

User Manual

Anchor Audio Ultra Light & Wired Microphones

Ultra Light & Wired Microphones

Technical Specifications

User Manual

Anchor Audio Lecterns
Admiral Technical Specifications User Manual


Technical Specifications  

User Manual

Ensign Pro Technical Specifications  User Manual
Anchor Audio Intercom System

Portacom Intercom System

Technical Specifications  

User Manual

Anchor Audio Transporters and Carrying Cases

Transporters & Carrying Cases

Technical Specifications  

User Manual


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