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 Simultaneous interpreter booths

Whisper Cube simultaneous interpretation booth


Multi-Caisses Whisper Cube Simultaneous Interpretation Booths



Multi-Caisses simultaneous interpretation boothMulti-Caisses Protocole Simultaneous Interpretation Booths


Diplomate simultaneous interpreter booth


Multi-Caisses Diplomate Simultaneous Interpretation Booths



Porta-Pack tabletop simultaneous interpreter booth


Multi-Caisses Porta-Pack Tabletop Interpretation Booths


For more information on Multi-Caisses booth, click on the links below:

Multi-Caisses Simultaneous Interpretation Booths
Multi-Caisses Booths Descriptions (PDF)


Audipack Silent Series Interpreter Booths (html)
Audipack Silent Series Interpreter Booths (PDF)
International Standards Organization Specifications:
ISO 4043-Mobile Booths for Simultaneous Interpretation
ISO 2603-Fixed Booths for Simultaneous Interpretation
ISO 4043 (PDF)
ISO 2603(PDF)


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